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Who was PERSEUS?

Perseus was the son of the sovereign of gods Zeus and the woman called Danae. The King Polydektés wanted to get rid of Perseus on the island Serifos in order to marry Danae. He sent Perseus for the head of the Medusa Gorgona. With the help of Herma and Pallas Athena he succeeded in gaining it.

At return saved Perseus Andromeda, the daughter of the king Kefea and Kassiopea. She should be given up to Kraken- a sea monster. After returning Serifos with his wife Andromeda Perseus showed the chopped off head to Polydektos, who turned into stone. The head of Medusa was then given to Athena and since that it has been creating the emblem of his shield.

According to the myth is Perseus the founder of the town Mykeny. The main characters of the myth (Andromeda, Kéfeus, Kassiopea and Perseus were transformed into stars and enhanced to the sky, where they are shining as constellations…

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The local presence on developing markets is very important, because only the local company with contacts and knowledge of international standards has best chances to thoroughly follow and understand requirements of its clients.


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